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Through over twenty five years of experience, Mi has acquired invaluable knowledge within many subjects; body language, presentation techniques, voice care, teambuilding and creative services. She always works with great presence and deep commitment.

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Fotograf Dan Lindberg och jag pustar ut efter en mycket lyckad kväll med boksignering och försäljning av Dans konst och Art&Design Houses fina saker. Tack Dan och Lotta! #danlindberg #artanddesignhouse #boksignering #kroppenljugeraldrig #kroppsspråk #marbella ... See MoreSee Less

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Ikväll är jag inbjuden till "Art&DesignHouse" i Marbella för att signera min bok om kroppsspråk. Fotografen Dan Lindberg visar sin konst och det är erbjudande på deras fina grejer. Är du i närheten så välkommen dit! #artanddesignhouse #danlindberg #kroppenljugeraldrig #kroppsspråk ... See MoreSee Less

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Joe Navarro, FBI Special Agent (Ret.)


"Shakespeare was right, "All the world is a stage; where we perform"
How we perform each day, how we behave, how well we observe others, will determine how successful we will be. As an accomplished actress and a graduate of my advanced nonverbal communications course, Mi Ridell brings together two powerful skills she can teach you: how to decipher human behavior and how to do a world-class performance to help you career."

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TV, film, opera and theater – learn more about Mi


During her long career, Mi has starred in everything from big TV hits such as the sitcom ”Rena Rama Rolf” and ”Dancing with the Stars” to operettes and theater productions.

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Mi Ridell visar olika klipp om ickeverbal kommunikation, i vardagligt tal kallat kroppsspråk.

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- The team at Hansen is very impressed by your work. I will warmly recommend you to my colleagues in the future.