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In 2014 Mi took the one year course in nonverbal communication

​This course in nonverbal communications has been developed by the world-leading expert himself and is based on his 25-years in the FBI and his book, What Every BODY is Saying.

The course is under Joe’s guidance and using Joe’s proprietary materials and techniques which he has used with the FBI. Mi was personally evaluated by Joe and upon successful completion, received a certificate, in December 2014.


Shakespeare was right, “All the world is a stage; where we perform”.

How we perform each day, how we behave, how well we observe others, will determine how successful we will be. As an accomplished actress and a graduate of my advanced nonverbal communications course, Mi Ridell brings together two powerful skills she can teach you: how to decipher human behavior and how to do a world-class performance to help you career.

Joe Navarro, FBI Special Agent (Ret.) and the author of the international bestseller, What Every BODY is Saying.

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