Every lecture is customised to your requirements. Never the same speech twice! What are your special needs? What are your and your colleagues challenges? Together with Mi, you will have a tailor-made experience. You can book from 30 minutes up to a whole day. Inspiration or education? Your choice! The subject is nonverbal communication in different ways; what you say beyond words. She has different themes and here are some of them:

In this time when everyone and every company is more visible than ever, through social media, it is very important to know that everyone counts in the organization, e v e r y o n e! Not just the CEOs!

It is a big visible stage at every workplace and the lights and cameras are on 24/7. You can´t just say “I just work here”. Because people don´t trust a company, they trust people in a company and your biggest brand ambassadors are your people! How is your curbside? How is your reception? How is your reputation? How is your dress code? How is your furniture? How is you attitude? Everything matters!!!

Go in every day on your “stage” at work and deliver your best performance. Be the “Lady Gaga cleaner”, the “Bruce Springsteen receptionist”, the “Jimi Hendrix waiter”. Be so good that your audience, your customers, are begging for an extra performance and give them more than they have expected. Be a ROCKSTAR at work!

Mi is very influenced by the American author and leadership expert Robin Sharma. She has participated in 3 different workshops, “Lead without a title”, with Mr Sharma www.robinsharma.com

It´s estimated that as much as 60-80% of our interaction with our customers and colleagues is through nonverbal communication, also carelessly called just body language. This communication is mostly driven by our subconscious mind. We are very technical and online nowadays but our ancient brain still reacts and works as it did, in the stone age.

43% of the people are more afraid to speak in public than to die! Why? Well, most of us don´t get any education in how to speak and to spellbind an audience. Nowadays it is by far the most important thing to get attention when you communicate your message. It does´t matter if your audience is 5 or 5000; they have to get your message.

How do you get the audience to really listen, not just hear your words?

How do you make your preparation? (never ever go up on stage unprepared)

How do you make an entrance and an exit?

After 25 years on stage as an actress, Mi will share her best advice with you. The advice is so resolute and easy to understand that you can use it the very same day and see results. Definitely a good investment both in time and in money!

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- The team at Hansen is very impressed by your work. I will warmly recommend you to my colleagues in the future.