• Swedish High School studying Humanistic – 3 years
  • Nordic  Music Conservatory School – 3 years
  • Kulturama Theater School – 2 years
  • Drama lessons by Gerd Hagman, Per Mattson, Per Ragnar
  • Singing lessons by Chesne Ryman, Torsten Föllinger, Busk Margit Jonsson, Zanna Hultén
  • Working as a professional actress since 1991
  • Studies in Philosophy at Stockholm University in 2002
  • Certified  coach at Coach University
  • Certified life coach at Coach University
  • Certified mental trainer at Coach University
  • Certified mindfulness practitioner at Skandinaviska Ledarhögskolan
  • Education in rhetoric by Barbro Fällman, Retorikcentrum
  • Academy of Exellence  – education in entrepreneurship
  • Sinf – education in entrepreneurship
  • Expert Level eMETT 3.0 Paul Ekman Group LLC
  • Expert Level eSETT 3.0 Paul Ekman Group LLC
  • Certified in “Advanced Speed Reading People” – one year course in non-verbal communication by Joe Navarro FBI Special Agent ( Ret.)


  • Piano
  • Cello
  • Guitar

Special skills:

  • Dance
  • Dialects
  • Reading music notes


  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Some Italian
  • Some Spanish

Driving licence: B

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