• Swedish High School studying Humanistic – 3 years
  • Nordic  Music Conservatory School – 3 years
  • Kulturama Theater School – 2 years
  • Drama lessons by Gerd Hagman, Per Mattson, Per Ragnar
  • Singing lessons by Chesne Ryman, Torsten Föllinger, Busk Margit Jonsson, Zanna Hultén
  • Working as a professional actress since 1991
  • Studies in Philosophy at Stockholm University in 2002
  • Certified  coach at Coach University
  • Certified life coach at Coach University
  • Certified mental trainer at Coach University
  • Certified mindfulness practitioner at Skandinaviska Ledarhögskolan
  • Education in rhetoric by Barbro Fällman, Retorikcentrum
  • Academy of Exellence  – education in entrepreneurship
  • Sinf – education in entrepreneurship
  • Expert Level eMETT 3.0 Paul Ekman Group LLC
  • Expert Level eSETT 3.0 Paul Ekman Group LLC
  • Certified in “Advanced Speed Reading People” – one year course in non-verbal communication by Joe Navarro FBI Special Agent ( Ret.)


  • Piano
  • Cello
  • Guitar

Special skills:

  • Dance
  • Dialects
  • Reading music notes


  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Some Italian
  • Some Spanish

Driving licence: B

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- You were stunningly beautiful, prepared in every single detail, sang like an angel and made everyone from Jan Eliasson to award winners, participants and suppliers feel comfortable in your presence. It proves that you were absolutely perfect for this event - because Mi you are truly versatile in your professionalism. Thank you a thousand times Mi! /Pia Brauer Kraft, Hansen Event & Conference