Mi Ridell is a well-used speaker who gives knowledge of how rhetoric and body language creates successful business.

Examples of lectures ( you can have them IRL or as a WEBINAR):

The body never lies – the art of speaking body language

Then you better manage your job interviews, mingle parties, pay talks, stressful situations, threatening locations, nervousness and scenic fear.

Master class in digital meetings

Learn to be better in your virtual meetings.

World-class service

People do not trust companies, they trust people. Then you get your customers’ trust and appreciation!

Presentation technique, rhetoric and to interpret ruling techniques

Communicate with brilliance, security and conviction.

Stay safe on stage – learn the art of “taking” an audience

43% are more afraid to speak to others than to die! A lecture on building security on stage with solid tips and concrete advice on how to do best to speak from the scene.